Tea Party plans hurt middle class

I hope everyone got to enjoy a day off work for Labor Day weekend. But just for a minute think about what that day was set up for. It was to celebrate the years of tireless work put in by our ancestors who pushed for a minimum wage, who gave us the 40-hour workweek with weekends off, who demanded safety and equal work rights. All of these things that middle-class workers cherish is what Labor Day is all about. It is also what the Tea Party Republicans led by Congressman Huelskamp want to get rid of.

The next several weeks you will hear Tea Partiers and Huelskamp rant about how federal regulations need to be taken away to get the economy going and create jobs. What he is really saying is we need to get rid of a national minimum wage so corporations can go back to paying their workers next to nothing. We need to end federal safety regulations so that mining companies, oil companies and industrial corporations can push their workers harder and an unsafe but more profitable production. What Mr. Huelskamp is pushing for is to end environmental requirements so that we can have coal-producing plants like they use to have in eastern Kansas where the black soot from the smokestacks can cover everything and our water supply is polluted. Look at who Huelskamp's leading contributors are: Koch industries who are pushing to end the middle class.

People of Kansas, your Tea Party representative only cares about the wealthy corporations, he wants to end Medicare, cut Social Security and destroy our environment. Nearly every other state has stopped or held up the creation of any coal power plant, but Huelskamp, backed by campaign contributions from the coal industry, wants to put a plant in Holcomb so polluting our air, and using up the water of Kansas to produce electricity for Colorado and what will we get, jobs? What a lie, see how many Garden City businesses will be hired to do the work building the plant, three, four, zero? By the time it's done we will see not thousands, not hundreds, but tens of jobs created.

You have Tea Partiers, Congress, including Huelskamp, who are demanding that any money spent to help all those people suffering from the damages of earthquake, fires, hurricanes or drought must be offset by further spending cuts. Yet, we are spending $900 million a week in Afghanistan with not a syllable from Tea Partiers and to make the point even more hypocritical is how Huelskamp wants to cut from everyone but his own family, which has taken in $1.5 million in farm subsidies over the past 10 years. So it's fine for them, but everyone else that's on Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, school loans or unemployment benefits should be cut.



KDHE hypocrisy on environment

I would like to refer to the Roundup Briefs in The Garden City Telegram on Saturday, Aug. 20, "KDHE seeks entries for annual calendar contest."

"The Kansas Department of Health and Environment is seeking entries for the annual 'Kansas Don't Spoil It' Calendar Contest. The goal of the contest is to increase awareness of environmental issues such as national resource conservation, waste management, recycling and general 'greening' activities."

It goes on to state the guidelines of the contest.

In light of the past performance of the KDHE it is rather ironic that they have the "nerve" to have such a title for said contest. It is unbelievable that they have bent the rules on regulating our environment with supporting Sunflower Electric's building the nasty coal plant, then make a half-hearted effort to look like they are looking out for all Kansans.


Garden City