Need to say no to NATO

The Secretary of State is ticked off at two superpowers for what they said to NATO. Now we should be ticked off at her. China and Russia have done the same thing she did when she was first lady. The United States of America needs to be like China and Russia just long enough to say no to NATO and turn our head to what is happening in Syria. Look at what happened from coast to coast across America's land after we helped Libya last year.

On April Fool's Day it was up in the air when the airlines were tested. When a Delta jet hit a flock of birds, but made it back to the runway. Then a United jet smokes the cockpit after takeoff, then after the smoke cleared the crew loses all instruments and had to fly visual flight rules and follow the Mississippi River to get them to New Orleans. Then another miracle over Arizona when a Southwest wasn't an Aloha Airlines incident all over. Then the 737 that the first lady flies on has to act like a snake on final approach to stay out of the thrust of the cargo jet landing in front of it. But down on the runway and tarmacs the airlines made some contacts with wings clipping tails that the broken tails will never fly away from.

Then by April 16 the skies started dipping down to the land down under it with one natural disaster after another, or should it be called the wrath of God?

Now FEMA could use the $150 million we poured on Libya if this year is anything like last year. If this isn't enough to say no to NATO, take in the lyrics from White Lion 87 Pride album's last song "When the Children" Cry": Little child ... dry your crying eyes ... how can I explain ... The fear you feel inside ... Cause you were born ... Into this evil world ... Where man is killing man ... And no one knows just why ... What we have become ... Just look what we have done ... All that we destroyed ... You must build again ... when the children cry .. Let them know we tried ... Cause when the children sing ... then the New World begins .. little child ... You must show the way ... To a better day ... For all the young ... cause you were born ... for the world to see ... That we all can live ... With love and peace ... No more presidents ... And all the wars will end ... One united world ... Under god ... When the children cry ... let them know we tried ... When the children fight ... let them know it ain't right ... When the children pray ... Let them know the way ... Cause when the children sing ... then the new world begins.

Then the USA can turn to a country song and just let the good Lord do his job and pray for them in the Middle East.


Garden City