Ongoing assault on our survival

As I sit here watching the news channels and see the turmoil and unrest of the people of these countries and what it is they are seeking, I'm not really listening to what the newscasters are telling us of the situation as I have come to the belief that the free press mentioned in our Constitution is no longer there due to the influences of the supposedly well-educated professional people who own, operate and control these media sources and the bed that they share with all the other well-educated respectable professionals in the judicial, political, medical and law enforcement fields.

I can only wonder how much longer we the people can withstand the assault on our senses, our health and our economic survival due to the actions and reactions of the above-mentioned professionals who seem to believe that they possess some type of moral authority over most of the people as that is what they have come to believe due to the influences of their minister, priests, rabbis, shamans or whatever moral authority or superiority it is they profess to follow and believe in, one must remember that the worst assaults on humankind (the people), no matter where in the world they reside, have always come from groups of people involved in some sort of religion that felt they were of superior moral authority.

None of the world's major religions are free of these facts as it is part of the history of man's existence on this planet.

With that being said, I want to say that I also have a belief and deep faith in a superior moral authority and it is best expressed in this manner.

"We find these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal." These words of our founding fathers are so far reaching and all encompassing of the good intentions of their beliefs even though it took an additional 200 years for it to be accomplished with the passing of the Civil Rights act.

One must remember why the founding fathers made this statement and created what I believe is the greatest document ever conceived by the minds of common men. The Declaration of Independence was a way for them to escape the religious persecution of a self-ordained superior moral authority and the tyranny of a self-proclaimed superior moral authority and that is why they included the separation of church and state in the Constitution.

Have we come full circle in such a short time span of history that we as a people and a nation have allowed all of these self-proclaimed professionals and politicians of a "superior moral authority" to disembowel our Constitution, drag our country to the brink of bankruptcy and collapse and do nothing out of the goodness of their hearts for anyone, but only out of self-serving manipulation of the system to satisfy whatever superior moral authority it is they serve and plain and simple greed.

"God bless America" and pray for the return of compassion, common sense and decency to all of the "superior moral authoritarians" in charge.



Bors driven to contribute

I have known Lara Bors for over three years as a friend and a sister in Epsilon Sigma Alpha, a philanthropic sorority. Lara has always been driven to do the best for our community and is dedicated to the betterment of our educational system. She is a person whose word can be depended upon. Lara will work diligently for every student and ensure that the programs most vital to our community remain. She is an outstanding mother, community leader and would keep our children's best interest in mind.

I wholeheartedly support Lara Bors for the USD 457 School Board and she has my vote on April 5.


Garden City