Consumer-friendly move boosts businesses, towns.

City officials in Holcomb made a change intended to discourage consumers from leaving town to spend money.

The Holcomb City Council recently voted to allow Sunday liquor sales in their community. The move was supported by the city's lone liquor store owner, who said the hope was to keep local shoppers from heading to Deerfield, which already allows Sunday liquor sales.

The policy change was another example of a community recognizing the importance of giving their merchants more flexibility, while protecting retail sales tax receipts that help governments fund local services.

Strategies that give consumers one less reason to head out of town to purchase something always are worthy of pursuit.

Such objectives should be the focus of future discussion by officials in Garden City who need to reconsider local policy that prohibits store sales of liquor on Sundays.

Since Kansas cleared the way in 2005 for communities to decide on Sunday liquor sales, a number have put aside the antiquated "blue laws" established generations ago to prohibit certain sales on Sunday, considered a day of rest by many.

Not Garden City, however.

It doesn't make much sense when restaurant and bar patrons can purchase alcohol on Sunday, yet people can't go to a store and buy packaged liquor. Taking it home to consume at least discourages people from drinking and driving.

When the topic was addressed in the past by the Garden City Commission, some liquor store owners protested because they'd lose their one day off. But every merchant still would have the option of being open or closed on Sunday.

And other local retailers would indeed welcome the opportunity to give customers greater access to their wares.

By pursuing Sunday liquor sales, area governments are taking advantage of the opportunity to help their retailers become more customer friendly.

Statistics show a majority of consumers shopping on the weekend, when they're not working. Convenient hours of business on Saturday and Sunday have been the norm for years for many in the retail world.

Liquor stores should be no exception. It's time for Garden City to move past outdated thinking regarding Sunday sales.