Come and enjoy a great scare

Dear citizens,

Sincere thanks to the Garden City Noon Lions Club who are having a haunted house on Thursday, Oct. 27, through Halloween, Oct. 31, from 7 p.m. to midnight nightly. The event will be located at 1216 Fleming St. (old Aaron's store north of Westlake). The beneficiary of any profits made on the event will go to the Finney County Preservation Alliance for the renovation of the Windsor Hotel.

As the president of the Alliance I can tell you it is gestures like this that will make the Windsor Hotel's renovation a reality. The Noon Lions Club is dedicated to making our community better and is putting great effort into the event. The FCPA is proud to be the recipient of the Noon Lions vote of confidence for our efforts. Their recognition of our mutual goals of making our home better is what makes Garden City the cosmopolitan oasis of the plains it is.

So, if you want some Halloween fun with a philanthropic justification of the ticket expenditure, come out and enjoy a great scare. The "Dark Side of Garden Haunted House" if lucrative will be a yearly occurrence used by the Noon Lions Club to fund other groups or causes.

Discounted advance tickets are available and can be purchased at or at these area businesses: Keller Leopold Insurance, The Arts Center on Main and Herb's Carry-out. Discount coupons for $1 off of regular ticket price will also be available at various area businesses. Please, help make the happening a success so other groups can benefit from the club's generosity.

If you have a question or comment, leave a message under contact tab at or call (316) 350-7884. Also, you can visit the haunted house website at, on Facebook under Garden City Noon Lions or Twitter @gckslions.

We're moving forward and you and groups like the Noon Lions Club are the reason why.



Garden City