The Garden City Public Schools Transportation Department had three school bus drivers place in the Kansas State Pupil Transportation Association's School Bus Rodeo Safety Competition held in Hutchinson. Melanie Turner took fifth place, Justin Guerrero placed sixth, and Debra Brungardt placed ninth in the competition. The competition was held during the Association's School Transportation Safety Symposium June 17 to 20.

The school bus safety competition is designed to recognize excellence in school bus drivers while demonstrating skills needed in their demanding jobs of safely transporting students. The competition consists of a written exam and a series of skills tests, a press release said.

The written examination tests the school bus drivers' knowledge in all areas of school bus operations, laws, rules and regulations. This portion of the competition tested the drivers' knowledge as well as their ability to comprehend and respond to written instructions.

The driving skills portion of the competition requires the drivers to demonstrate exemplary skills in such areas as law/regulation knowledge, school bus inspections, and bus driving skill maneuvers. Drivers were challenged to maneuver a school bus around obstacles and demonstrate that they know all the ins and outs of operating a school bus.