Wonderful things happening at GCHS

The football playoff with Wichita Heights was a night to remember. The stands were packed with every strata of our society; all ages, all stage, all colors, all occupations, all coming together to support our school. People were high-fiving strangers, bleacher groups were doing cheers and there were brown shirts everywhere.

And it happened again last week, I hope you didn't miss it the School of Arts and Communications presented their semester Showcase. The Garden City High School Commons Area was standing-room only with every kind of person imaginable enjoying many genres of art, music, forensics, robotics and a student fashion show. Teenagers were greeting the community with plates of frosted sugar cookies they created and practically begged me to eat. The evening was highlighted with an amazing performance of "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas!" to a packed "house."

It is a wonderful thing to be part of a high school where educators are doing their best to bring community and pride into the lives of our youth. This excited atmosphere wasn't an accident; it has taken years of planning. Our beautiful academy building places students in smaller learning communities with a career focus. Our administrators are constantly pressing forward with what is best for the students. Last but definitely the best, Garden City High School has some pretty amazing instructors who love what they do and who they do it for teenagers.

I challenge you to be a part of Garden City High School community and participate in at least one of their great activities. They are listed on this website, www.gckschools.com, and open to all.


Garden City

Far from fair and equitable

Wednesday, Dec. 11, "Mortgage registration fee is an unfair tax and needs to be eliminated to bring equity" ... wow!

Our real estate taxes are based on 25 percent of market value for commercial, 11.5 percent for residential and ag land has "use value" which results in an assessed valuation of about a third of residential. What is fair and equitable about this? This is not a penny-ante, once-in-a-lifetime tax bite but millions every year.

This year the State of Kansas will extract income tax from you if you work for your income, but if you get it from rents, you will probably be exempt. What is fair and equitable about this?

Currently, banks are paying their elderly depositors anywhere from one-fourth to one-half percent on money deposited with them and charging borrowers anywhere from 10 to 20 to 30 times that much. What is fair and equitable about this? This is resulting in many of our elderly being deprived of any meaningful return on their life's savings and banks racking up record profits. What is fair and equitable about this?

Real estate closing statements based on the issuance of a mortgage by a bank contains so many fees and charges that it is difficult to find this mortgage registration fee. These closing statements put your utility bills to shame on the amount of charges imposed. I think the only thing our banker friends find unfair and inequitable about the mortgage registration fee is it going into the public purse and not their pocket.


Garden City