Help save the Emmaus House, like they saved me when I turned to them two months ago.

When I read the paper Nov. 15 I was proud to see Emily and Bethanee

getting to fulfill the opportunity of a lifetime to perform in the

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. But the next day's paper got ugly when

I read what the Emmaus House was facing. Then, when I turned the page,

I saw even more bad news that I already knew about. When I saw a

dryland field of wheat a month ago, I saw more dry dirt than green

wheat. If we don't have a wet winter, there is no way it will survive

and there will be no dryland wheat to harvest next summer.

I have lived in Garden City all of my life and it is located in the

middle of the Bible Belt. It is full of good people and just as much

wealth and we know we can't take it with us. Years ago, when my dad's

Valley customers started dying he would tell me how sad it was to see

their families selling off circles of ground with the sprinkler he put

on it just to pay the inheritance taxes.

So, instead of feeding the government, help feed the people who turn

to the Emmaus House. Garden City has five times more churches than it

has bars, so all the good people that keep their doors open, share some

of it to help keep the Emmaus House doors open at least until next



Garden City