The proposed Holcomb power plant expansion is good for Kansas. Many groups will likely again make some pretty far-fetched claims, but what they will fail to mention is the vast opportunities, both short- and long-term, that this expansion project will have for southwest Kansas and the state of Kansas, including hundreds of jobs during the construction cycle and in operations, as well as the millions of dollars in economic impact.

During construction, this project will create approximately 1,900 jobs with estimated earnings of more than $121 million. It will necessitate materials and supply purchases during construction of more than $56 million in western Kansas. With a total project cost estimated at $2.8 billion, this is an economic shot in the arm locally and regionally which will benefit all Kansans.

Not only will the Holcomb Expansion Project create new jobs and wages, the Holcomb expansion will increase our tax base in western Kansas substantially. This means better infrastructure for our communities, including infrastructure improvements, services and equipment, and even more importantly, better schools and opportunities for our children.

In order to ensure that this opportunity does not pass Kansas by, the public support for this project is extremely important. I encourage all to share comments with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to support the proposed expansion and request favorable review and approval of the air quality construction permit for the Holcomb Expansion project.


Garden City

Depperschmidt is president of the Finney County Economic Development Corp.