Let's talk about the property tax rate in Finney County and Garden City. When comparing taxing abilities, the idea is in the mind of everyone that the thing to be afraid of is the mill levy as the commissioners have to really work to maintain the stability of the mill levy. How great it is to live in an area that has a stable and solid taxing levy. It is interesting, my house is supposedly worth a lot more money than I gave for it.

Not only that, Garden City's property has all increased in value and the rest of the nation is heavily in a recession and the property has decreased in valuation, foreclosures are excessive and in some of these areas both of these methods have been used to raise more money at the same time. Increasing the mill levy or raising valuation gets the same results as both methods do exactly the same thing, "raise taxes" individually or together.

It is really nice to live in a community where the powers that be are in a position to pay their increased cost of home ownership and the cost of living. It must be wonderful to know this will not put a hardship on anyone in this community.When it does we have Meals on Wheels to help in supporting those that are hit the hardest and the Emmaus House will help out. Please do not get sick or have an accident.

I really think the commissioners need to act like contentious leaders.I think they need to realize that if this recession thing worsens, and goes into a depression, don't you think they will wish they would have been a little more knowledgeable on just what a depression is?

How many of you realize that when a bank closes and your money is in that bank that you do not have access to your own money?

You say, but the government guarantees that money and they do, but it may take weeks or months to get the doors opened. Have you ever been without money?


Garden City