Always a way to persevere

On Dec. 26, a young mother with a boy of 3 and an infant baby boy decides to leave Brooklyn, N.Y., and go into the city (Manhattan) to exchange Christmas gifts. While in the city, it begins to snow. With her packages she and her boys go to the subway to head home before the storm gets worse. At the same time, the boss of Starbucks sends his employees home before the storm hits. Chelsie Shipley (who works at Starbucks) heads to the subway to head back home in Brooklyn. The ride back is 45 minutes to an hour. Neither Chels or the young mother knew how bad the blizzard was in Brooklyn.

When the train stopped, Chels stepped out to 35 MPH wind and 15-inch snow. As Chels started home, with the wind and snow stinging her face, she worried if she could get to her apartment. She walked around the corner to head home in two blocks of this miserable weather. Then she sees a young mother trying to push a stroller with bags hanging from it and a little boy clinging to her hand. Chels goes to her and says "I'm going to help you." She picks up the front of the stroller and the mother picks up the other end, with the 3-year-old clinging to Mom. Then another girl comes and picks up the 3-year-old. They struggle down the street dodging cars because they can't walk on the sidewalk.

The one girl could only help for a block and then she had to try to get to her family. So Chels and the mother and two boys trudge on. Chels picked up the 3-year-old and pulled on the stroller while the mother pushed, all the time having to stop and wrap the baby up because the wind would whip the blanket off. After 30 minutes and two blocks later, they had made it to Chelsie's apartment and also the little family just happened to live next door. The 3-year-old looked at Chels and said, "I just want to go to sleep." And no matter how cold the baby got, it never cried.

There is a moral here: That no matter how bleak things look to us, there is always someone worse off. With the help of God we will get through it.

Hope you had a merry Christmas.