Doll would put district first as representative.

When choosing a state representative, voters should favor the candidate who would best serve their interests.

While that sounds simple, self-serving interests want to muddy the process with misinformation. Worse yet, we also have Gov. Sam Brownback's ultraconservative forces hoping to derail a run by John Doll, the lone GOP primary candidate in District 123, which covers most of Garden City.

They realize Doll would not help rubber stamp Brownback's agenda, one that would undermine education and other programs vulnerable Kansans need.

Rather, Doll would weigh each issue on its own merit and consider the impact on his district.

The interests and priorities in Garden City, a diverse community with a significant immigrant population, don't always mesh with those in eastern and even central Kansas. And the special interests fueling Brownback's quest to control all aspects of state government and forward his agenda have little if any concern for local challenges.

Doll understands our issues, thanks in part to his experience as an educator, business owner, Garden City commissioner and mayor. He embraces economic development initiatives and would push for area transportation infrastructure improvements.

On another key issue, Doll rightly denounced the massive tax-cut plan powered by GOP conservatives because it promises to punish Kansans with higher property taxes.

Doll has been registered as a Republican and Democrat at different times, but takes issue with both parties and considers himself more in the middle politically.

Republicans leery of Doll's political status should know that the city commissioner often has made a case for less government a very Republican philosophy.

While Doll deserves voter support, voting for him also would help rebuke the disturbing ploy by ultraconservative GOP forces determined to take advantage of Reynaldo Mesa's exit from the race. They're promoting Mesa (he's still on the ballot) in hopes of edging Doll and clearing the way for their choice of a conservative who would be a political puppet for the governor.

Local voters cannot take anything for granted on Aug. 7. They should head to the polls to support Doll, the only candidate who's prepared to put the interests of the district above politics.