The Finney County Commission on Monday is expected to discuss proposed changes to its animal control resolution to address dogs running at large in rural residential areas of the county.

The commission meets at 8:30 a.m. Monday at the County Administrative Center, 311 N. Ninth St.

At its last meeting, the commission voted to draft a resolution amending animal control regulations to increase fines for allowing dogs to run loose, and to include more specific language to define an at-large dog.

It’s unlawful to let dogs to run at large in the county. Violations could result in a fines of $50 up to $500.

The county is considering increasing the fine upon conviction to between $100 and $500 per dog for a first-time offense, an amount not less than $250 per dog for a second offense, and not less than $500 for a third-time offense.

The county’s at-large resolution also doesn’t include a clear definition of letting a dog run loose. A more detailed definition is proposed: At large means to be outside of a fence or other enclosure or device which restrains the animals to a particular premise, or not under the control, by leash or lead, of the owner or other authorized person capable of restraining the animal. Animals tethered to an object within range of public thoroughfares are deemed to be “at large.”

The county’s proposed change would thus not only affect an animal running loose, it would include a dog tied up within reach of a road, sidewalk or some public thoroughfare.

Other items on the agenda include: monthly reports from the county health department, Emergency Medical Services and Emergency Management; review of a request for computer support with Marti Bremer, IT director; a proposed amendment to signs and outdoor advertising that would lower the dwell time on electronic message boards from 15 seconds to eight seconds;

Public works director John Ellermann will discuss year-end transfers/resolutions; a consultant agreement for Lake Road bridge replacement; and sewer district 2 oil and gas lease.

The commission will discuss appointments to the Finney County Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Finney County Committee on Aging; a co-location services study for the correction services building; termination of an information technologies cooperative agreement; year-end transfers; and will have an closed session regarding non-elected personnel.