If you were looking for a map of polling places in Finney County on Election Day, you weren’t going to find one on the county’s website.

While there were no major issues with Tuesday’s general election in Finney County, the Finney County Clerk’s Office did have to take down the polling maps from the county website that indicated voting locations for residents.

The maps had to be taken down because they were only in English and didn’t include Spanish, said Finney County Clerk Elsa Ulrich.

According to state statute, all election or voting materials must be provided in whatever languages are necessary to accommodate the local population. In Finney County’s case, that means the maps have to be in both English and Spanish.

There are four counties in southwest Kansas that are required to have all election or voting related material in English and Spanish because of the Hispanic population. In addition to Finney, the others are Ford, Seward and Grant counties.

In order for voting locations to be accessed on Tuesday, the Clerk’s office put up a link of where the maps are usually located on the site, sending a person to the Secretary of State’s website.

“It offered them another way to look up their voting location and sample ballots,” Ulrich said.

For the most part, Ulrich said, voting went smoothly. There was an issue with one of the ballot counting machines at the Presbyterian Church, so officials had to count the ballots at that location with the machine at the clerk’s office.