Ever wonder about some of the charges on your phone bill? Could you be a victim of "cramming"? Cramming happens when a company adds a charge to your phone bill for a service you didn't order, agree to or use. Cramming charges can be small and easy to overlook. But even when the false charges aren't small, they may sound like fees you owe. That makes them tough to pick out, especially if your phone bill varies from month to month.

Pay attention to your bill. Take the time to read your phone bill each month. If your phone bill changes from month to month, make it a habit to check the charges for services you haven't ordered. If your telephone bill is usually the same, take a closer look to see why it has changed.

Some cramming charges appear as "subscription." Others show up as "Min. Use Fee," "Activation" or "Member Fee." Are there calls you didn't make? Area codes you have never heard of? Charges for services you don't use?

If you suspect cramming, ask your phone company about the charges. Your phone company should be able to tell you more about the charge and your statement should tell you how to dispute errors on your bill. Follow-up with an e-mail or letter and keep copies of all documents.

Next week there will be information on how to avoid being the victim of cramming.

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