No local need for more hotels

Reading about how all hotels in Garden City are full Monday through Friday is a fallacy. Someone is giving false information. There is a report that shows how busy we are in Garden City; does anyone pay to receive that? A possible 240-plus rooms added to Garden City is overkill. A hotel can be full Monday through Wednesday, but if it is not busy Thursday through Sunday profits just went backwards. If anyone is basing off of the business right now, anyone who knows hotel business knows this is our harvest with summer travel, weddings and reunions, etc. During fall and winter months it is not unusual for hoteliers to only have 10 to 20 rooms a night on a Thursday through Sunday.

Remember the articles in the news about Convention and Tourism hiring an event planner due to hoteliers needing business on weekends. We have not had any new events to bring large groups who would stay overnight and fill most hotels in a very long time. Our part of the country is transient and people drive home after an event and are not utilizing hotels. We have expressed the need for the convention center for more business and then sometime down the road we may need more hotels.

Hotel business does not come from community support. We make sure guests who stop get a room if we are full by calling other hotels in town and finding them a room so we keep the money local. The hoteliers work together very well, which is not a practice in other communities.

Oil/gas and wind turbine energy are the new industries keeping us busy now due to there is no other manufacturers or businesses new to our community providing large groups of workers. We have been fortunate to have this other business fill in, but many of the long-term workers have begun renting trailers, houses and apartments as they can find them. Again, it was public knowledge we were concerned when the school and highways were completed. When/if the oil business booms, possibly five to six years for the heaviest traffic and they are not going to just stay in Garden City. This business will be shared by all communities.

I am a very positive and passionate community-minded business person who wants Garden City to grow. Somewhere along the line someone forgot to do their due diligence. When the fall and winter comes we all hope there is enough business that we all get a piece of it and as soon as school starts the challenge begins. We only ask you to come to a CVB meeting and visit with us concerning decisions to encourage other hotels, for if we really feel we need more we will encourage it.


Garden City

Brandenburger is general manager of AmericInn of Garden City.