Fulton Street Pub, closed since Sunday, reopened Friday under a new management team of Justin Garcia and Chad Herrera.

Although Garcia and Herrera will be running the establishment, it is still owned by Lance Bordewick and Ryan Cornett.

Garcia and Herrera reopened the pub with the hope of creating a new perception of the bar by offering fresh, homemade food, specialty cocktails and top-notch service. Previously, the pub served mainly hamburgers, wings and fried food, Garcia said.

Garcia and Herrera also are slowly doing "small facelifts," mostly brightening the place up with some fresh paint, lighting and "some good TLC."

"Traditional pubs are a place where people enjoy good food and good drinks and a positive environment. We would like to get away from just being known strictly as a bar. I want the food, the service and the drinks to speak for themselves," Garcia said.

"Everything will be changing. Everything will be made in-house. We're trying to work with local wholesalers to get protein and breads," the 29-year-old Garden City native added.

Garcia and Herrera, 26, from Deerfield, said they want to make the pub "very homey, but with a nice menu with everything made to order."

"It's going to be different for the whole town in general. ... I just want to bring a little different atmosphere," Garcia said.

"Really it's about the atmosphere, getting back to a casual, but kind of upscale (ambience) but still with that pub feel," Garcia said.

Garcia had been living and working in the food service industry on the East Coast for the past seven years. He graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y., with a specialty in cooking and organizing and running kitchens.

Garcia was an assistant manager for Nordstrom's Cafe in White Plains, N.Y., Providence, R.I., and Farmington, Conn., for three years and spent four or five years with Emeritus Senior Living.

Herrera was a bartender when he started at Fulton Street Pub in March. For five years prior, he worked for Samy's Steakhouse and Spirits.

"At Samy's, we always focused on ... taking care of everyone there. I learned a lot from that man," he said, referring to owner Amro Samy.

Garcia plans to employ what he learned back east.

"It's going to be kind of all the stuff I've learned on the East Coast with more prominent restaurants," he said.

Neither Garcia nor Herrera promise perfection when the new-version pub hosts a full-scale launch at a later date.

"I'm not saying when we open it's going to be perfect," Garcia said.

"It's going to be trial and error," Herrera said.

Fulton Street Pub can be reached at 275-1100. It also has a Facebook page.