A variety of thoughts and observations:

My car's vanity plate, if you can call it that, is one of the state's pink Driven to Cure breast cancer awareness license plates. Proceeds for the $50 plate support the statewide medical coordinator for the Midwest Cancer Alliance, who works to ensure that patients in communities across Kansas have access to the latest information on cancer prevention, early detection and treatment.

It's a neat deal.

I don't see many of the Driven to Cure license plates around, but did see a car recently in downtown Garden City with the pink plate. The passenger in the car was puffing away on a cigarette, though. Hmm.

* * *

Local women will receive a hand in entering the job market, thanks to a new program.

Earlier this week, the Western Kansas Community Foundation's Women of Purpose Fund awarded $2,600 to a Garden City Community College effort designed to help women enter or re-enter the workforce.

The Women of Purpose Fund recently was established with $53,000 $1,000 from 53 area women. The endowment fund aims to empower and encourage women to be active contributors in their communities.

The WKCF, which allows donors to create permanent funds to benefit the arts, education, youth activities and other needs, has improved local quality of life. Look for the Women of Purpose Fund to do the same in helping local women.

* * *

We recently received another "census" form in the mail.

The mailing wasn't part of the U.S. Census that all American households are required to return, however. The Republican National Committee apparently thought it appropriate to mislead people into thinking they should fill out and return their questionnaire entitled "2010 Congressional District Census."

Of course, the questions were worse yet. My personal favorite: "Do you support the Obama Administration's efforts to grant amnesty and American citizenship to illegal immigrants presently living within our borders?"

For the record, the Obama administration has not endorsed amnesty. President Obama has supported comprehensive reform that would tighten border security, improve enforcement of existing laws and provide a legal path to citizenship for some illegal immigrants.

But why let facts get in the way of the GOP's so-called census one that also asks Republicans to donate to the cause?

* * *

Football is an obsession in Texas, and more proof came in a bond issue voters reportedly approved to build a $60 million football stadium for Allen High School.

Meanwhile, the Garden City school district is building a $92.5 million high school.

It should be easy to see which community is putting its funds to better use.

* * *

A local woman recently saw someone toss a puppy from a moving vehicle near Walmart, and rescued the dog. The pup survived and ended up at the local animal shelter.

How wonderful that she did such a good deed.

And how despicable that someone would try to dispose of an animal in such a way. Too bad no one could get their license plate number and report the animal abuse to authorities.

If you can't afford or don't want a pet for some reason, take it to the animal shelter, where it at least has a chance at a good life. Please.

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