Hicks best choice for county attorney

I am a former Assistant Finney County Attorney who has worked with all the attorneys currently running for Finney County Attorney. I personally believe the best candidate for the position is Tamara S. Hicks. Tamara has the experience and attitude that is necessary for the position. She has been a prosecutor for 20 years, and during that time has tried countless felony jury trials, including rape and murder. While working in the County Attorney's office, Tamara took the time to teach me, which is so important for new attorneys and for the office in general. Tamara is a kind, passionate woman who deeply cares for the victims in cases and for the people of Finney County.

I can tell you that behind closed doors, she makes the tough judgment calls on whether a case should be charged or not, which is something that nobody sees unless you are in law enforcement. Throughout her career, Tamara has won many important cases, and yes, she has lost cases, but you cannot fight for what is right and expect to win every trial.

Prosecutors are not supposed to file cases just to win, they are supposed to seek justice, which means it goes to the jury or judge for final decision. Tamara constantly works long hours to make sure she is prepared for cases and to ensure that everything gets done. She goes above and beyond being just a prosecutor by volunteering for various boards and groups in the community because she truly cares for the people of Garden City.

I enjoyed my time in Garden City and still have many friends there both in the legal community and outside of it. I only left Garden City to return closer to my family and home. I can tell you that I still call Tamara not only as a friend, but as mentor to ask her advice on cases I may have. I am truly honored and lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Tamara, and I have no doubt in saying that she is the best candidate for the position.

Before I go, I must state that I have serious concerns for Garden City if Susan Richmeier is elected. I don't believe she has the dedication to the job that is necessary, and I say that from my personal dealings and experiences with her in court. Richmeier is also very unqualified in that she has no felony jury trial experience. How can she run an office that prosecutes felonies, such as murder, when she has not even handled a low level felony case? She cannot, that is the bottom line. To the people of Garden City, I ask you to base your vote on experience, dedication and character and vote Tamara S. Hicks for Finney County Attorney. Thank you for your time.



Best choice in Richmeier

As a longtime resident of Garden City, a wife and a mother, a teacher and an attorney, Susan Richmeier is passionate about Garden City and Finney County and will work to ensure the highest level of safety and well-being for our community.

As an attorney, Susan has the education and experience necessary to serve as County Attorney. While she has worked for the Cleveland County Attorney's Office, ARSI and local attorneys, she has also established her own thriving law practice based on her ability to manage multiple projects, responsibilities and budgets with her client's best interests in mind. In addition, Susan has built a highly successful mediation practice demonstrating her ability to work with diverse populations from different race, ethnic, socioeconomic, professional and educational backgrounds.

As County Attorney, Susan will use her knowledge and experience to represent the best interests of Garden City citizens, to effectively lead staff and work with partnering agencies to improve safety in our community, increase convictions, and to manage county funds effectively and responsibly.

I have known Susan Richmeier since she was a child and respect her as a friend, and I believe she is the best choice for Finney County Attorney.


Garden City

Boost confidence with Richmeier

Finney County voters, in this primary election you have an opportunity to choose one of three candidates, all of which are qualified, for the position of Finney County Attorney. Two of the candidates presently are assistants in the county attorney office, and the other, Susan Richmeier, a native Garden City resident, who has been and is a successful practitioner. Susan's success was accomplished by her dedication and commitment to the legal field, not being an employee of the present government establishment. Being an attorney, also, and having worked with Susan Richmeier throughout her career in Garden City, I have always been impressed with her thorough preparation, competency, professionalism and reliability.

Those who know Susan Richmeier realize that Susan's decision to seek the office of Finney County Attorney is not for personal gain, but to serve the residents of Finney County in a more efficient and positive manner. The skills and knowledge Susan Richmeier brings to the office will, without question, enhance the overall performance of the county attorney office. Be a part of bringing a new perspective to the office of county attorney by voting for Susan Richmeier for Finney County Attorney. Susan is a candidate that instills confidence in our judicial system.


Garden City

Experience key with Richmeier

While there is a field of three persons seeking the Republican nomination for Finney County Attorney, the primary election on Aug. 7 will likely determine the one to be elected by the voters in November. It is unique to Finney County to have a field of three qualified candidates. Contested elections for County Attorney have not occurred since the 1980s and then the position was considerably different. This year is unique and, therefore, important for everyone to vote.

I endorse Susan Richmeier. This election is not so much about what each candidate has done, it is about what Susan can and should do for our community. Our County Commission cut the County Attorney budget $50,000. There will be more. When you examine the job of County Attorney, it has much more to do with the community than just the courtroom. While I am certain each candidate can explain their strong points, the position will, in the future, require a balanced use of our tax dollars. Susan is the only candidate to own, operate and control an office. She has the proven ability to work with attorneys to fashion government which works for the public at large. The best example is when she put together the indigent panel in Finney County saving taxpayers more than $30,000 a year and raising the quality of service to persons who cannot afford an attorney. We, the taxpayers, will save more than $60,000 over the life of that contract and it is this ability that differentiates the candidates. Susan works with people to find solutions to complicated issues even within her profession. My vote is for Susan. Not because the others are not qualified or good citizens, but because she tops the field with her experience on doing the things that will matter as county attorney. Just like in the past, the County Attorney is not the lead litigator. Assistants will carry this burden. I recognize the past assistants' duty and dedication to office, but it is not the experience of being the County Attorney. Susan has the broad legal experience, political awareness, budget and political savvy to keep our community safe.


Garden City

Ridiculous issues with maps, voting

Is "voter fraud" possible in one-party states as Kansas, Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, etc.?

How was a state legislature favoring "less government interference" so frightened by Secretary of State Kobach's report that they would pass such a restrictive bill and insist that it must be done before the present election?

Please note that the U.S. Department of Justice is interested in that very question.

Which reminds me that the Kansas Legislature is required to redo the political map of Kansas every decade. This is the year and they weren't up to it, even going into overtime. There were some really ridiculous maps designed to favor this person over that person who thought he should be favored with his own block of voters. This isn't voter fraud. This is legal.

So the issue was taken to court by lawyers hired by the various congressmen.

Now all but one of the congressmen have presented bills for reimbursement by taxpayers to the tune of approximately $750,000.

Something can be said for a two-party system.



Drees the choice for county seat

I am writing in support of Duane Drees who is seeking a seat on the Finney County Commission. I have known Duane for many years as a farmer and land owner in northeast Finney County. If elected he will represent the people in his district and make changes they feel are needed and appropriate. Duane supports assisting industrial and manufacturing businesses who will bring new jobs to Finney County. As a former County Commissioner, I highly endorse Duane Drees and ask for your vote on Aug. 7.


Garden City

Holmes deserves nod for Senate

This letter is in support of Mitch Holmes, Republican candidate for

Senate District 33. In The Hutchinson News article of July 22, 2012,

"GOP Face-Off," Ruth Teichman's response to personal information listed

her occupation as "farmer." She usually is "banker/farmer" since she and

her family own several banks. Senate District 33 is primarily rural,

now she is a "farmer." On Obamacare, the Kansas Chamber supports

meaningful health care reform aimed at lowering the overall cost of

health care so it is more affordable for employers and will encourage

policies that: "Oppose government competition with the private market,

Oppose mandated employer-based coverage or payment ..." Ruth Teichman

voted against HCR 5007, the House of Representatives bill to authorize

Kansas to determine its health care policies, opposing Obamacare. Mitch

Holmes not only voted for this legislation but co-sponsored the bill.

Voting to refer the bill back to the Judiciary Committee was defeated

with Sen. Ralph Ostmeyer voting to, but Sen. Teichman voting not to

after the Senate had defeated the measure. On the Senate side, Sen.

Ralph Ostmeyer sponsored the Senate version, SB167 "Enacting the health

care freedom act" which was referred to the "Financial Institutions and

Insurance" committee, where Sen. Teichman allowed it to die. Sen.

Teichman, the "Chair" of the "Financial Institutions and Insurance"

committee of the Senate, was instrumental in creating legislation passed

in 2008 limiting the membership and growth of credit unions. Credit

unions are a financial cooperative serving people of all financial needs

with rates and terms that benefit its member/owners. Her family then

opened another new bank in Hutchinson. Credit unions have only 5

percent of the business in the state, but are a perceived threat. As a

member of a financial cooperative, any excess profits are returned to

the owner/members, not the coffers of a bank owner, i.e., Ruth Teichman.

Teichman is quoted as saying "In all four of my races, I've run against

Republicans." As a point of contention, does that mean the Democrats

like her and her voting record? Is she really representing the

Republican party? If you are still in doubt, Google "Mitch Holmes,"

click on the link

"http://www.kansaspolicy.org/downloads/d95115.aspx?type=view": Notice

that Ruth Teichman's record is with all the Democrats. Another point of

contention is Sen. Teichman's voting record on the "abortion issue."

Please check this out. A good source for this is Kansans for Life. I

urge you to vote for "Mitch Holmes," Republican, Aug. 7. Mitch is a

current representative in the Kansas House of Representatives. He has

been in Topeka representing some of the new Senate District 33 with

integrity and in a responsible manner for eight years. He deserves the

vote of every Republican as a candidate for District 33 which now

includes Scott, Lane, Ness, Edwards and part of Hodgeman County.



Great Bend

Sherwood easily most qualified

Thank you Brian Sherwood for your comprehensive self-profile in

Saturday's Telegram. Your qualified and appropriate educational and

professional background, your substantial record in preparing,

presenting, prosecuting and thereby protecting the local law-abiding

populace, speaks loudly and clearly. And numbers definitely count and

add up with Brian's having argued 45 jury trials before the Kansas Court

of Appeals plus a 22-year career in the Finney County Attorney's

office, of which countless hours were spent in the courtroom, plus time

in which he has cultivated a meaningful relationship with community law

enforcement. In this election the importance of experience should

weigh particularly heavily on the voters. It is not a name, gender or

popularity contest. It is about choosing the most qualified candidate

for the job that Brian is already competently performing. His signs are

in my yard. He has earned my vote. He deserves yours.


Garden City