An open letter to local school systems:

As a property owner here in Garden City whose taxes and mill levies pay for the public school system, I would like to have answers from school authorities on the following questions:

It is my understanding that the school system is in place to educate our youth. How are the teacher cuts, para cuts, nursing staff cuts helping our children?

Why are cuts being made from the bottom up? People who work directly with our children.

With the loss of staff, why isn't administration being cut? If you don't have as many people to manage, why do you need the same amount of administrators?

Is it really necessary to have four or more principals and vice principals at the high school?

Why not cut back on some of the physical education programs such as the high school "walking class" that takes four coaches?

Maybe six-figure administrators should offer to take a pay cut to help provide and show some caring for our youth?

With the State of Kansas and local budget problems, and the possibility of the state having to default on the "promised" $30 million for the new high school, why is this project proceeding and not being put on hold?

If you are laying off all of these teachers, how are you going to have enough teachers to staff the "new" high school?

If the current high school is so overcrowded that it requires building a new high school, how do you justify intensifying the situation by moving the New Outlook Academy and Bison Adult Education Center to the high school?

Please publish a detailed budget for USD 457 showing percentages for administration, maintenance, sports programs and all other expenditures. After all, more than 60 percent of the state's budget goes for education, but just how much actually gets to the direct educational level. One of the latest studies shows that in California less than 17 percent is actually seen at the student level.

This is just a start. It is time that your employers, Garden City taxpayers, get a full accounting as to how our tax dollars are spent.


Garden City