10 anti-Boehner Republicans who didn’t vote for Ryan

Tribune Content Agency, LLC

WASHINGTON (TNS) — Call them the “Speaker No” crowd.

Ten Republicans on Thursday who did not vote for Paul D. Ryan to be the 54th speaker of the House also didn’t vote to support John A. Boehner, R-Ohio, in January.

Rep. Daniel Webster, R-Fla., won the votes of Dave Brat of Virginia, Curt Clawson of Florida, Louie Gohmert of Texas, Paul Gosar of Arizona, Walter B. Jones of North Carolina, Thomas Massie of Kentucky, Bill Posey and Ted Yoho of Florida and Randy Weber of Texas. Webster abstained from voting for himself after doing so in January.

Clawson, Brat, Gosar, Posey, Yoho, Weber and Webster are members of the hard-line House Freedom Caucus.

The Ryan dissenters sent a signal that the Wisconsin Republican will likely have to deal with a mainstay of far-right Republicans who will oppose some of the moves he makes as speaker. The question remains whether Ryan can hold that contingent to a small enough number that they won’t cause problems when he brings bills to the floor.

Ryan also did not vote, but won Boehner’s support. The outgoing speaker heartily shouted out “Ryan” when the clerk asked for his vote.