Have you ever been to the Farmers Market in Garden City? I haven't been there for a while until last Saturday morning. There's homemade pies, rolls, cookies, breads, jewelry, Kool-Aid and Mountain Dew purses, jams, jellies and fresh veggies.

I went there to sell my homemade diabetic cookies and other things. I realized that there's a lot of people who are diabetics. We need something good to eat every once in a while. In stores, I only see sugar-free angel food cake, but that is all. Diabetics can have some sugar but not a whole lot of it. They have to count the carbs in cookies, cakes, pies; sometimes they have too much sugar, carbs are high and that's the only thing you can eat without adding carbs to your meal. If you buy or make desserts with half of the sugar, then the carbs would be less, you can count your carbs in the desserts that you made or buy and you can add it to your meal without making your blood sugar high or taking more insulin to cover it. My diabetic desserts have the calories and total carbs on the package to help you out.