Tea party lies regarding ACA

You can always tell a tea party Republican because they're the ones with their pants always on fire. Never have I ever seen a more ruthless bunch of liars, hypocrites and haters. These people will blatantly lie to your face and feel it is acceptable because of their pure hatred for other groups and their spokesperson is the best liar of them all, Tim Huelskamp, who has lived off taxpayer money for years and has done nothing ever to help improve the lives of any Kansan but his own.

The latest great lie put out by the tea party is that the Affordable Care Act will cost 2 million jobs. The facts are the Affordable Care Act, according to the Congressional Budget Office, will allow 2 million workers across the country a new freedom to choose whether they want to keep that second job they had to be working to pay for their old health care, continue working the 50- to 60-hour week job to make ends meet or to take retirement a little earlier than the 65 years of age that they would have had to wait prior to the Affordable Care Act.

The new plan doesn't cut or end any job, the CBO, in fact, says that in the long run the ACA will increase jobs, cut the deficit and reduce health care. The prior lie put out by Huelskamp and others that businesses were going to massively cut employees down to part time or cut workers has also been discarded by the CBO.

I am one of those possible 2 million people. I can retire from my teaching job at 56 years of age but that would have meant getting expensive COBRA insurance or try to find insurance that would never accept my wife because of pre-existing conditions. Now under the ACA I could retire if I would want to and get better health insurance under the ACA than I now have with my employer. This would allow my wife and I a chance to start a different business, expand on our other business and it would open a new job at my work to hire a new employee. In one example the ACA created two jobs and gave health insurance at an affordable rate. That is what the ACA is about and what has the conservative Republican done to help with any of that? Nothing, the conservative tea party Republicans are the "Don'tcare" party, they only care about the huge corporations and top 1 percent. Ask Mr. Huelskamp who he works for in getting his $500,000 political war chest: the Koch brothers and big oil. This is not someone who represents the people of southwest Kansas. It's time we bring back common sense progressive ideals to Kansas and get rid of the "Don'tcare" Huelskamps.


Garden City

Seeking new skating rink

I wish someone would build a roller skating rink within the city limits.

There are several possible locations. The rink should be accessible to children riding bicycles.

I really need a place to skate.


Garden City