As time moves forward, everything must change. The same is true at Lee Richardson Zoo. There are changes to our animal collection, our exhibits and the way we care for our animals as better techniques are learned. Technology continues to play a larger role in how Lee Richardson Zoo interacts with our visitors and our community. Next month, Lee Richardson Zoo will be incorporating some changes with how guests can enjoy and learn at the zoo.

Since 2008, Lee Richardson Zoo has offered a Cell Phone Safari. The Cell Phone Safari is an audio tour that utilizes your cell phone to deliver up-to-date information regarding Lee Richardson Zoo, exhibits and animals. It is like having zoo staff as your personal guide. Recently we started a partnership with On Cell to enhance our Cell Phone Safari. Now, not only can you dial in like before, but you can also scan QR codes or download the On Cell app to your iPhone or Android device. In addition to improving the way you can access the tour, our partnership with On Cell also will give visitors access to videos and scavenger hunts while enjoying the zoo.

The videos for the Cell Phone Safari are hosted on YouTube for easy access. For this upgrade Lee Richardson Zoo recently created a YouTube channel. The videos also can be viewed at These videos share information about animal births, new exhibits, staff interviews and frequently asked questions we receive from the public. The new Cell Phone Safari will have direct links to the YouTube videos at the exhibits. Just point your smartphone at the QR code and scan. Soon after scanning you will be enjoying an informative video of the animals. But don't worry about missing any fun footage if you have a slow Internet connection at home. The videos also will be playing on the city of Garden City's Channel 8.

Probably the most fun addition to the Cell Phone Safari will be the Quest Scavenger Hunts that will enjoyably guide you through the zoo. The scavenger hunts will pose questions to guests who will be directed to find answers at the next point on the map. The Quest Scavenger Hunt utilizes your phone's GPS and will keep you on track. Multiple scavenger hunts will be rolling out over the coming months, so be sure to come back and explore the zoo again. But be careful, you might just learn something.