Misinformation from Morris camp

We need honesty and integrity in campaigns. It is crucial that Kansas citizens receive correct information about legislators' voting records and not just rhetoric with platitudes. Kansas Senate President Steve Morris said he never supported Obamacare. However, his actions and votes indicate he was not willing to protect Kansas citizens and their liberty against the controversial federal health care law.

Over the course of three years, President Morris was continually asked to allow a vote on the Senate floor for a Kansas Health Care Freedom Amendment so Kansas citizens would be able to vote for it on the ballot this year and continue to act freely concerning their own health care decisions. State sovereignty as guaranteed by the 10th Amendment in our U.S. Constitution gives the primary duty to the state to protect the liberty of the people in regards to their health care. However, the legislation was repeatedly given roadblocks in the Senate and it was necessary to maneuver the measure around several Senate leadership-imposed barriers.

Please review the votes from official Senate journals so you are not deceived by Washington, D.C.-style politics. The accurate historical record with links to these journals is on www.kansashealthcarefreedom.com, which also explains the voting gymnastics that transpired over the years.

In 2010, the proposed constitutional amendment was referred to two committees and a subcommittee (usually a bill is only referred to one committee by leadership). One committee passed it without a recommendation, and the second committee referred it to a subcommittee. In the final hours before adjournment, a motion was made to move the measure out of committee. President Morris voted against this motion. (Senate Journal April 28, 2010 http://www.kansas.gov/government/legislative/journals/2010/sj0428.pdf).

In the 2011 session, I amended the language of the Health Care Freedom Amendment into a prescription health care bill on the Senate floor as the "Kansas Health Care Freedom Act" a law instead of a constitutional amendment. President Morris voted against the floor amendment. Only after the amendment was added and it was obvious the measure was going to pass is when "every" Republican in the Kansas Senate voted for it. (Senate Journal Mar 22, 2011 http://www.kslegislature.org/li/b2011_12/chamber/documents/daily_journal_senate_20110322123458.pdf).

In the 2012 session, the Health Care Freedom Amendment was defeated in the Senate. Interestingly, seven senators who voted for final passage first voted to send the measure back to committee. (Senate Journal Feb. 23, 2012 http://www.kslegislature.org/li/b2011_12/chamber/documents/daily_journal_senate_20120223195610.pdf).

As far as money being involved in politics, President Steve Morris is in charge of a Senate Leadership PAC that receives out-of-state money and spends massive amounts sending out nasty and false attacks on fellow Republicans who did not vote for President Morris to be in his leadership position. President Steve Morris voted against abolishing this PAC last session.

When there are conflicting views, please get the facts and evaluate the votes. On Tuesday, Aug. 7, be prepared to vote for the candidate who stands with integrity in southwest Kansas.



Morris, Jennings deserve support

Steve Morris is the hands-down proven leader that we so desperately need in southwest Kansas. Steve's accomplishments in the Senate look like a credit reel at the end of a brilliant movie. The good news is that Steve is willing to serve. If you value strong southwest Kansas values, then Steve has earned and deserves your vote. There simply isn't enough space to laud his invaluable expertise, knowledge and service to us.

While not new to public service, Russ Jennings emerged as a candidate for the Kansas House of Representatives. He is a proven leader. He served well as a District Magistrate Judge, he ran the Finney County Detention Center marvelously, according to past county commissioners, and he served with distinction in Topeka leading the Juvenile Justice Authority. Thus, in the 28 years I have known Russ Jennings, he has been about getting it done in the right way, a common sense approach. Russ has agreed to serve. We should put him to work representing southwest Kansas.

Remember to vote on Aug. 7. Vote Morris and Jennings.


Garden City