More cheap shots at Nebraska fans

First I want to express best wishes for success of KU and KSU sports programs. I have enjoyed many of their sports contests over the years. I was not happy to see KSU got robbed with the bad calls and should have won their bowl game, and hope KU gets a bowl next year. I will cheer for the KU/KSU teams except, I will be a Husker fan first.

It is truly discouraging to read and hear the vile, humiliating and vulgar parting shots toward the Huskers, fans, coaches and players this year and especially in your Feb. 1, 2011, Garden City Telegram article. I would expect the editors to be involved. Perhaps the fans here take after their sportswriters?

When a team does not do very well for a long time like Nebraska basketball, it is a big deal when they beat a favored team, like NU beating Texas A&M. I saw this a few years back when KU beat the Huskers football team for the first time in more than 30 years. Most Husker fans present and I gave them a standing ovation in Lawrence after the game while they tore down the goalposts, and KU players taunted and flipped off the Husker fans. Perhaps your sportswriter was there.

This year I endured profanity at the K-State/NU football game. I even witnessed senior citizens loudly booing and telling the NU Band to get out of the Bill Snyder Family Stadium! Really? The band? Senior citizens? Family Stadium? A little sportsmanship would be a nice change. I am surprised to see the Feb. 1 article by Mr. Marshall even made it to print. I won't give your sportswriter the dignity of stooping to his level so again I send best wishes to KU and KSU from a Husker Fan in Wakefield.



Scrutinize sports and other frills

Do we need each of these? Boys football, girls volleyball, boys and women's basketball, boys wrestling, boys and women's tennis, boys and girls soccer, swimming team, boys and girls golf, boys baseball, girls softball, boys and girls track.

Do we seriously need a recreation commission? Do we want and need the economic development commission? What next?

Not so far back in history, we had few or none of these and Garden City got along just fine. The city and county government and board of education spent our tax dollars on essentials not frills.

Is it any wonder governmental units are overspending and our national debt is beyond belief? In addition to overspending, they have made too many laws, city ordinances, city codes, etc.

By the way, when did the economic development commission become more important to Garden City than the Emmaus House?


Garden City

Question about first settlers

In the article "Time for a lesson in state history" on the third page of the Jan. 28 Garden City Telegram, Mary Regan is quoted as saying, "Southwest Kansas wasn't settled until 1878 when a man from Texas settled here for open-range ranching ..." I do not think this statement is accurate since John O'Loughlin established his trading post at Lakin in 1873 and became the first permanent white settler in southwestern Kansas.

Alonzo B. Boylan came to Lakin in 1874 and his family followed in 1875. Both of these were permanent residents who still have descendants in this area.

I just wanted to correct the mistaken idea left by that quote from the article.