Per your article on the city commissioners, they unanimously agreed on a 2-mill levy increase to take care of health cost increases and a 2-percent across the board pay raise. For the last 10 years, state employees have been on a pay freeze. This year, state employees got a further pay reduction due to increased health care costs and an increased contribution to their retirement program. What is wrong with this picture? Why is anyone connected with the state expected to work for sub-standard wages while city employees keep right on getting yearly pay raises?

Who is paying for all of this? Mostly retired fixed income homeowners. The city and county want to give tax abatements and other tax incentives to get businesses here at the expense of property owners. Between USD 457, the county and the city and their tax-and-spend mentality, Garden City is going to dry up and blow away. Just drive around and look at all of the House For Sale signs. Property owners are getting out. They cannot afford the increasing taxes. By the way, these houses are sitting for months and months.

Perhaps it is time for all of the gripers, me included, to get off of our butts and get a petition together to get a Taxpayer's Bill of Rights on the ballot. This is the only way we as citizens are going to get control of this ridiculous taxing and spending.


Garden City