Experience counts in attorney race

I am an attorney working as a criminal prosecutor in the Kansas City area. I was born and raised in Garden City, attended grade school, junior high, high school and junior college in Garden City and practiced law in Garden City for 12 years (six with the Finney County Attorney's Office). I still have family and friends in Garden City and closely follow the events in Finney County. That is why I feel compelled to give my opinion on the upcoming Republican primary election for the office of Finney County Attorney. First off, it's important to understand what a county attorney does. In addition to other duties, the county attorney's primary job is as the chief law enforcement official in Finney County. If there is a felony crime in Finney County; murder, rape, kidnapping, robbery, burglary, etc., the job to prosecute that case, from charging through jury trial, up to and including the appellate process, goes to the county attorney. Needless to say, an error by the county attorney's office can result in a serious criminal getting off. In order to successfully prosecute a case, a chief prosecutor (in this case the county attorney) should have extensive experience with criminal prosecution including experience handling multiple criminal jury trials. When you're electing a county attorney, you're not selecting a bureaucrat but the person who will be working daily with the courts, law enforcement and other state agencies to ensure the continued safety of all Finney County residents. This election for Finney County Attorney is a public safety issue. There are three candidates running for county attorney in this year's Republican primary election. There are no other candidates so this primary will determine the next county attorney. Two candidates are highly qualified prosecuting attorneys (Brian Sherwood and Tamara Hicks), both of whom are currently Deputy Finney County Attorneys. Each has more than 20 years of experience prosecuting criminal cases in Finney County, and both have done multiple criminal jury trials. The third candidate, Susan Richmeier, cannot say the same. I know Susan and she is a nice lady, however, she simply doesn't have the qualifications I believe are necessary to be the county's "chief law enforcement official." Her webpage, richmeierlaw.com, doesn't even mention the words criminal or criminal law (at least it didn't as of the date of the writing of this letter). The primary this August is not a popularity contest nor to see who has the most signs; it will determine the strength and effectiveness of Finney County's main prosecution unit for the next four years. Vote for a county attorney with the necessary experience.



Consider choice for conservative

I have been enlightened with some knowledge that I'd like to share with my fellow conservative Republicans, those that believe in traditional marriage between one man and one woman and those who believe in life beginning at conception, Pro-Life. The Finney County primary on Aug. 7 is quickly approaching and you may have heard that Reynaldo Mesa withdrew from the race for State Representative. However, his name will still be on the ballot in the primary because this occurred after the filing deadline. We, conservative Republicans, can still vote for Reynaldo Mesa. If he should win the primary and still choose to resign, then another true conservative can be appointed to take his place. We still have a choice. A very concerned citizen,


Garden City

Pro-life candidates to consider Aug. 7

Election day is coming up on Aug. 7. Kansans for Life endorses the following Republicans: U.S. Rep. Tim Huelskamp; Kansas House Rep. Larry Powell, candidate for Kansas Senate; Kansas House Member Reynaldo Mesa and Kansas Board of Education (no race). Information we have gotten in the mail indicates that Sen. Steve Morris is also pro-life, which is very commendable. He is running against Rep. Larry Powell. One difference between the two, according to literature we have received, is that Sen. Steve Morris supports government health care while Rep. Larry Powell does not. We have not had expensive health care, but we have been happy with what we've had. Our insurance company has been very fair and efficient. What more could anyone ask for? Having a good insurance company is invaluable.


Garden City

Richmeier offers fresh perspective

We wish to voice our support for Susan Richmeier in her candidacy for

Finney County Attorney. Richmeier brings relevant experiences from

teaching special education to running a private law practice for the

past decade and also status as a bit of an outsider. She's never

worked inside the County Attorney's office, but she's interacted with

staff members in and outside the courtroom enough to have what her

campaign promises: a fresh perspective.

In Finney County, the County Attorney's office handles a wide range

of criminal cases, including drug crimes, juvenile crimes, domestic

battery cases and felonies. While Richmeier has focused especially on

family and domestic law, as well as criminal defense, she has experience

in all areas of law. Her background in education will be useful as she

addresses juvenile cases, such as truancy. As the mom of three growing

kids in Garden City, she has a particular commitment to maintaining a

safe environment here. She also promises to keep a careful eye on the

office's budget, a welcome approach in these times.

We plan to cast our vote for Susan Richmeier for County Attorney on Aug. 7. We urge our friends and neighbors to do the same.


Garden City