Choices damage region, nation

Thank you Dena Sattler for your support of Steve Morris in this past election. In my opinion this advice told the voters who not to support or vote into office. Your track record of supporting candidates over the past years is destroying southwest Kansas and the nation. Let's look at your left-wing picks for offices, President Obama No. 1) 8-plus percent unemployment 40-plus months, No. 2) 15 trillion dollar deficit, No. 3) blocking the investigation of the killing of a U.S. Border Agent in Fast and Furious scandal, No. 4) "Pink Slime" that affected southwest Kansas. "Pink Slime" phrase was coined in Obama's Labor/Agriculture Department by his official, thus because of Obama's non-involvement and non-support of beef industry 200-plus local jobs were lost at BPI. "Pink Slime" problem was never proven as a health risk. Many more questionable dealings from this administration.

Also I think you owe it to your readers to publish the 21 or 22 new federal taxes that will affect all levels of income families (rich, poor and in-between) in the Obama-Care Law that you support. Since you ask voters to support him and the Democratic party, you need to print the cost of these new taxes.

Thank you Dena, for supporting Kathleen Sebelius for governor. Sebelius' big mistake for southwest Kansas was "Sunflower Power Plant," she blocked the expansion and once again the loss of 1,000-plus jobs for construction not to mention the local economy growth from having the plant.

Dena, in a nutshell these are only two of your choices on supporting candidates that have had an effect on southwest Kansas, so when you asked the voters to support Steve Morris because he would work with the Democratic party in Topeka, you and you alone sealed his fate, not the super-PAC money. The voters in this area are not stupid, we have seen and lived the damage your selections have created.

The only offices not on the ballet this past election up for new leadership were that of editor for the Garden City Telegram and a new Harris Enterprises CEO, but there is always the next election in November.

If I am wrong on your original support of Obama, Sebelius and Morris when you ask the voters to vote for them, then I will apologize, something I have not seen or read from you in your paper. It's time to Editor-Up for your mistakes that have cost southwest Kansas growth in the economy, loss of jobs and increase in taxes.

Thank you for electing Larry Powell and other real conservative Republicans this past election and future elections.


Garden City