Costly venture for the nation

How can the United States afford a third war on a three-week extension? In a land where all they have known is war for all their lives. Has Obama already forgotten what Libya did to Pam-Am and what caused 9/11? With one bomb and one 747, Libya brought down a World Wide Airline that wasn't running on empty like we are. I can't see how United lived through 9/11 other than you can't get something for nothing, but it affected a bag of peanuts and second bag of luggage. After 9/11 we deployed 150,000 troops to the Middle East. I can only imagine the price tag of that one when you take it times 10 years. It is no wonder we are in the condition we are in. Are we in the "use it or lose it" mode? Because the 19th we lost 120 Tomahawks at a price of over $1 million each to help innocent civilians in the Middle East. If Obama wanted to help civilians he should have gave it to Japan, they haven't been in a war since World War II until now. On the 17th Obama got a three-week extension and he should have studied the last book of the Bible instead of a map of Libya. What will this one cost the U.S.? We are already paying a dollar just to spend $12 at the store.


Garden City

A good choice

in Fankhauser

Whenever an elected official leaves office with less than one year remaining on his/her term, that seat should remain vacant until the next general election.

Although Dan Fankhauser has an unfair running start, I will vote for him anyway. Dan is a lifetime resident of Garden City. He was on the Student Council during high school. Dan Fankhauser will make an excellent city commissioner.


Garden City