Every year, the cold, blustery wind of winter chills southwest Kansas sports enthusiast to the bone.

After most fall seasons in which the weather is the most reliable, the most stable, and the most enjoyable, we suffer through the months of November, December, January and February.

And then March arrives.

We get a handful of days that gives us hope that spring is just around the corner.

Wrestling state tournaments conclude at the end of February and two weeks later, state basketball tournaments bring an end to those lengthy seasons.

Winter has gone into hibernation.

Spring has sprung.

And with the latest season, comes a myriad of sports for the 19 southwest Kansas high schools that represents The Garden City Telegram coverage area.

It is a time when the temperatures have a big disparity, going from nearly freezing overnight and at sunrise, to sometimes in the 80s in the mid to late afternoon hours. Then, the cycle repeats itself.

It can create uncertainty and inconsistent weather for the track and field athletes, the tennis players and golfers, the softball and baseball teams. In all probability, there will be rainouts (we hope at least a few), and days where the temperature falls faster than a crumbling building.

So here is a snapshot of Garden City High School’s spring sports — seven in all and four featured here — track and field, softball, boys tennis and boys golf. The Buffs also compete in girls soccer, girls swimming and baseball.

Most of the area’s schools compete in track and field, and most have softball and baseball teams from Class 1A to 6A. Many of the area schools field boys golf teams, and few have boys tennis.

For the next eight weeks, it will be a beehive of competitions in all of these sports. So choose your favorites and go support your local teams and your local athletes.

They all deserve your encouragement as they strive toward excellence, or for some, just the desire to be outside and play sports for the fun of it.

It will all be over before we know it. The final weekend of May, when state track and field will bring the curtain down on another school year of athletic competition.

Enjoy the weather.

Sports editor Brett Marshall can be emailed at bmarshall@gctelegram.com