Generosity helps horses turn corner

At this time, I would like to take the opportunity to recognize exceptional generosity.

Approximately four months ago, three neglected, starving horses were found in Finney County. These horses were removed from that situation by Finney County Law Enforcement. It was at that time the Finney County Humane Society became aware of the horses and their need for care.

To make a long story short, I would like to recognize several individuals and a business who have gone the extra mile on behalf of the horses' welfare.

First, I would like to thank Randy and Rhonda Fisher who provided a very nice facility to keep the horses as well as monitoring their daily care and feeding.

TSC Tractor Supply located at 3333 East Mary Street also stepped forward and provided top-of-the-line feed as well as nutritional guidance and assistance from their knowledgeable staff. Their support and concern has remained constant from day one.

With the help of these individuals, the horses are beginning to gain some weight and strength. Their help continues to be instrumental in this long process.

As a volunteer of the Finney County Humane Society, I am so appreciative for the kindness and generosity demonstrated by these individuals in this endeavor. Truly their compassion has been something to behold.


Garden City

Community could use some relief

The time has come to talk about the stability of Garden City, Kansas. Some of our elected officials are promoting growth for Garden City. This is just great, but how is that going to happen? According to the chamber of commerce, retail sales are down and unemployment is up. The state is broke. The federal government is broke. A lot of counties are desperate for income. The basic needs for our total city and county population could experience some hard years if this price increase continues to climb. Since the mill levy has no involvement with valuations anymore, the powers that control can only say "we held the mill levy nearly level and that was the best we could do." Like everyone believes that.

Groceries are continuing to increase in price. Stamps will increase in price, and mail delivery will increase. Gas will hold steady for a while longer. More than 8 cents in sales tax. In looking to the future, it is past time to start providing some relief for those people who are elderly and/or low income, who are living at home and need some relief in their expenses. If you are one of the low income, then the increase in costs for each category does not have to be very much to create an unfundable future. Set the income level at a level that allows individuals to live in a society where their life is stable and there are some luxuries. This needs to be voted on by the people, so call your commissioner.

Another issue is the creation of a new housing development area. I think this would be easier to sell if the people could see a pledge from several of those people who want a home in that area and price range. If these people are serious, they will sign. But if we are waiting on the coal plant, let's at least wait until it has been approved.


Garden City

Enjoying special Christmas events

The CHRISTMAS Concerts that two of our grandkids were a part of on Thursday, Dec. 8, 2011, at Holcomb High School were wonderful. And that's what they were, beautiful CHRISTMAS Concerts! Thank you Josh (third grade) and Sara (kindergarten) for your great performances ... you did an excellent job! All the kids were dressed in their CHRISTMAS finest and so proud to be up there on stage, singing CHRISTMAS songs! Thank you Lisa Yarberry, Beth Cox and James Krohn for working with the kids. Thank you Holcomb USD 363 for TELLING IT LIKE IT IS! It is the CHRISTMAS Season and these were CHRISTMAS Concerts, as stated in your CHRISTMAS Concert program. Thanks to all involved for putting on these special CHRISTMAS concerts! MERRY CHRISTMAS! JOE and KATHY FLEURY,

Garden City