Variety of ideas for downtown plan

This letter is in reference to the public meeting to be held at 6 p.m. Tuesday at City Hall concerning the development of a master plan for our downtown in Garden City, to which I address this letter to the downtown merchants as well as the public and Downtown Vision. This master plan is intended to guide improvements or enhancements that will help attract more business and general activity to our downtown district.

With the proposed renovation of the Windsor Hotel once said to be the "finest hotel west of Wichita" and the future of our State Theater as well as the variety of downtown merchants, we must keep the historical approach and general character of a pedestrian-friendly community. The city planners' master plan should ask for a downtown bus transit center to be built on Stevens Avenue, between Key Office and Pete's Tires. It would cover up that eyesore of a vacant lot.

Every big city (Wichita or Topeka) has a downtown bus transit service to bring business and general activity to the downtown district. All downtown businesses, employees, the public and local annual events such as Beef Empire Days would all benefit. City planners should look into Wichita's Bus Transit services.

As for other ideas and attractions, a dollar store on Main Street, an Army tank on the American Legion property, and in the near future, a World War II fighter aircraft along the highway at the entrance of the Garden City Regional Airport. In the 1940s, there was at one time an Army airfield to train pilots for the war. And the last thing, come up with a way to repaint those grain elevators. A dirty grain elevator makes the city look dirty.

"Downtown Garden City, Come See, Shop and Ride."


Garden City