There is a lot of taxpayer money being requested by these different agencies in all of Finney County. What is the downside to funding these requests? Let's add all these requests together before any needs are approved and look at the total amount. The State of Kansas, Garden City, Finney County, other cities, counties and states are getting in serious financial trouble. Now is the time to step back, stop spending money and finish up those really necessary jobs. This economic situation cannot be ignored, and it seems that people do not realize how serious this can get.

Fixed-income people cannot afford a property tax increase. If people on a fixed income would have a lid put on the amount of property tax they had to pay and those in rental properties would get a tax reduction, which would take the pressure off raising the rent. This would only be fair as Social Security checks are increased every year but the health insurance usually increases enough to eat up that increase. This is the year that the minimum wage is raised. One thing is for sure and that is that a lot of what we buy will be affected by this action and those on limited incomes will be hit the hardest.

Finney County and Garden City have several areas that do not need to expand at this time. One expense that is likely to hit us is the Senior Citizen Bus Service Center. That is an expense the people of this city and county will be expected to assume. We can get by without the expected fire station. There has been an increase in the EMS needs but maybe we could come up with a better answer than a major expansion. Mr. Washington has a need to have another building. I would like for the city to explain to the people just what his agency does, what it costs in tax dollars for all labor and operational costs, how much we lose in tax dollars on what he manages, such as building maintenance and any other costs over what his agency brings in? Also in this information would be the businesses his agency is in direct competition with?

It seems to me like these administration people would be more aggressive in wanting to protect this city and county all it could. The time is here to be conservative. It is far better to be wrong by being conservative than being wrong by spending money. Every time has a place.

The people will be looking in the paper for this requested information.


Garden City