Remember support

for Windsor Hotel

Dear citizens, In these fine December days of reflection and celebration we are called on to make determinations of what worthy cause best deserves our assistance before the end of the year. I would encourage you to look no further than the Windsor Hotel.

The positive validation of the renovation of the Windsor Hotel by this past year's awards of the State's Heritage Trust Fund Grant and the Federal Transportation Enhancement monies and Katherine Stracklejohn's generous bequest speaks well to the strategy the Finney County Preservation Alliance is pursuing.

The Windsor Hotel has stood witness to a majority of our city's history, dearth and surplus, obscurity and eminence. In so doing it has become the fabric of our common experience. Even for those who have never had the opportunity to step inside, it is the backdrop to the panorama of our lives. It defines familiar to all of us. It is the keystone building of our city and area.

When the renovation is complete it will be the largest downtown reinvestment of our lifetimes and the underpinning for keeping the heart of our City vibrant. If the Windsor Hotel is part of your family memory's narrative help guarantee the dialogue into the future.

It won't happen without your support!



Garden City

Harness is president of the Finney County Preservation Alliance.

Youngster teaches

a valuable lesson

Last Saturday I spent the morning volunteering for the Salvation Army Bell Ringing Red Kettle Campaign. The reason I write this letter is to share with you a story about that day. I worked with an 8-year-old student who attends Victor Ornelas by the name of Jose Razo. I thought of the many things an 8-year-old could be doing on a Saturday morning, and, finally, I asked Jose why he was volunteering to ring the bell. He told me he wanted to help other kids in Garden City who might not get a Christmas gift. He also told me he had brought some coins to put into the kettle. He said that was all he had when he pulled the money from his pocket and put it into the kettle. Jose told me his grandmother had told him that every coin counts. We sang Jingle Bells and wished everybody a Merry Christmas. This year is my 15th year of volunteering to ring the bell. This Saturday, I learned from an 8-year-old boy that we can all make a difference no matter who we are. It was the best Saturday I spent in volunteering. I'm thankful for the Salvation Army Community Center Director Robert Deleon for getting the Garden City youth involved in volunteering for their community.

God bless and Merry Christmas.


Garden City

Christmas program

an enjoyable event

We attended the 2010 Christmas Concert at Wiley Elementary School in Holcomb on Thursday night, Dec. 2, to watch our second-grade grandson Joshua See. It was a wonderful Christmas program with kindergarten, first- and second-graders making great Christmas music! We would like to thank all those responsible for such a cute Christmas concert and for keeping Christ in Christmas!


Garden City