Just recently my son sent you a letter in regards to his pastor of

Word of Life, regarding Pastor Appreciation Month. The wife and I were

discussing that, most of the time, there is not enough recognition for

the pastor's wife and that is what this letter is about.

At Word of Life, Pastor Marty's wife, Kathy, is a beautiful and

exceptional person. Just like her husband, she always has a smile, is

friendly and quick to visit and counsel with people. The world is

always looking for equality and what they don't realize: God teaches in

his word that spiritually there is no difference between Greek and

Hebrew and men and women, and Marty and Kathy practice this, they are a


Kathy is head of the Worship Team along with many other duties in

the church. She is a pastor's working mate, not one that just sits on

the sideline. She honors her husband's role as leader of her home and

the church, but also knows through Christ she is totally liberated.

Something the world seeks after and God offers to his family, is

total unity and harmony between men and women. Nancy and I invite

everyone to come and visit this honorable woman and her husband to

appreciate what true Christianity is all about.


Garden City