April 2 was Good Friday the day Christians remember the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross our Messiah dying for us. On that first Good Friday, Jesus didn't share "Obama's 'Messianic glaze" which your columnist referred to. Instead, he was "despised and rejected" and was "like one from whom men hide their faces."

Did he have the "Messianic glaze" when he called Lazarus forth from the tomb where his body had been for four days? I doubt it. And if those who observed this miracle likened it to "a third grade magician's trick," do you suppose it would have served as a catalyst for the cross?

If you and your chosen columnist want to mock Republicans, go ahead. But even though Jesus was mocked by many on that first Good Friday, I don't think it's acceptable. Surely a great many of The Telegram readers are Christians just like me. And like me, they don't appreciate having our Savior blasphemed on Good Friday or any other day.


Garden City