The Kansas lawmakers held a public meeting and the topic of interest was the state debt. The need for educational money has created a major problem within the state. State Rep. Larry Powell said he was against raising the sales tax. Rep. Jeff Whitham said he was willing to look at increasing taxes or eliminating tax exemptions. It is up to the citizens of the state to provide the funds to run the state. When all the adjoining states decided to increase their state expenses, including educational costs, perks and allowing judges to make legislative decisions to settle problems, so did Kansas. The old "if they can do it, so can we" concept and it beats looking at a problem that all should have recognized as this problem started when those manufacturing companies started floating overseas. So the problem, to be fair, has to settle on the able taxpayer. There are a lot of properties on the tax-exempt list that should be eliminated just by doing some research.As the cost of living has increased at an excessive rate these last six years, it has placed the elderly in a totally new position, so we have a lot of elderly that have homes and a lot of low-income people with property and we really need a cap on their property taxes and set back at least two years. This cap needs to reflect those 65 and older as there seems to be no let-up on increased costs for these taxpayers. Something needs to be done and if the Legislature cannot do what is right, who can?HAROLD STARR,Garden City