Dear Readers: An old saying is “Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink.” Hmm. Nondrinkable water can be seawater, a polluted lake or river and more. We buy a lot of bottled water today, but is there a difference?

Here are a few different types available and what they mean:

Purified water: This has all minerals and chemicals removed.

Distilled water: It has nothing in it — it’s made from steam, so minerals and bacteria are not present.

Spring water: Comes from an underwater pool. Nothing is added or removed.

Sparkling water: Has carbon dioxide added and is bubbly.

Try using sparkling or club-soda water in tea for a bubbly taste. I love it. — Heloise



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Travel hint

Dear Heloise: I’ve found it’s more convenient and less time-sensitive to send postcards on a trip by making computer-generated address labels for the recipients before I leave home. — Sandra M., Lexington, Ky.

SANDRA, AND POSTCARDS are cheaper, too. Email and text are quick, but it’s still wonderful to get something via mail. A postcard can show beautiful locales, share a bit of history and is a keeper with handwriting. An email has none of that and won’t be around in a few years, let alone be a keepsake.

Keep writing postcards, notes and letters, folks. The recipients will appreciate them. — Hugs, Heloise

Driving hints

Dear Heloise: Here are two driving hints: When driving over a blind hill, even on a four-lane road, keep to the right-hand lane. This helps if some wrong-way driver meets you at the top of the hill.

When you are the first car stopped for a red light, when your light turns green, never advance without first carefully looking both ways. Some drivers cheat on yellow lights, and they could be wrong, but you could be dead. — Bee C. in San Antonio

A STEADY YELLOW light means get ready to stop. The light is about to turn red. — Heloise

Blind dog hint

Dear Heloise: We had a blind dog, Miss Beetle, a stray old sheltie that was sick and dumped. We took care of her in her last years, giving her love. One hint that helped was that every room had its own scent.

I got paper air fresheners for cars and hung them low in every room — cherry for one room, pine for another. She knew what room she was in. — JLST, via text

When one of our mini-schnauzers went blind from diabetes, I used my perfume to “scent the spot” for her new doggie door! It worked. Woof, woof! — Sauvignon, from doggie Valhalla


Dear Heloise: My young daughter has a hard time signing her name. Here is how I “helped” her sign cards to her grandparents, etc.

We use washable paint and let her sign with a handprint. She “had her hand” in signing the card, her grandparents loved it, and it kept track of how fast she was growing! Too fast for me! — Sam U., Lansing, Mich.