Here are the answers to the Finney County Christmas past quiz in the Christmas Eve edition of the newspaper. How did you do? Tweet us or post on Facebook to let us know!

1. The year would be 1884, since Garden City was officially incorporated as a city on Jan. 13, 1883 by order of District Judge J.C. Strang. However, the community traces its roots to four quarter-section claims filed early in 1878, so individual family observances may have taken place as early as December of 1878.

2. Charles and Audrey Collins, who lived at 505 Chesterfield and operated Collins Furniture and Storage.

3. The bizzard of 1886, which struck in January and left the region snowbound for weeks, causing a number of fatalities and wreaking economic havoc.

4. Ira Travis

5. The three wise men.

6. The United Methodist Church’s Living Christmas.

7. The antelope.

8. Christmas trees.

9. A giant Santa Claus, standing approximately 15 feet or more in height. Pictured


10. Gold.

11. New York City’s Rockefeller Center in 1974.

12. A helicopter. Pictured right.

13. Ice skating, which was suspended after the pool’s concrete began to crack.

14. Lighted Christmas bells, strung from the lamp posts.

15. 1958 – the year they were introduced.

16. A stained glass-style Christmas scene in the front stairwell windows, visible from Main Street.

Finney County Fanatic — 12 to 16 right. Congratulations, you really know your Finney County history. No one can pull the wool over your eyes when it comes to what happened when.

Local Yokel — 6 to 11 correct. You might not know everything about the area, but you’re one smart cookie. Any trivia team would still love to have you on their team!

New Kid in Town? — 1 to 5 right. You might not know everything there is to know about Finney County yet, but there’s plenty of time to learn about this great area. Welcome to Garden City!