Provided by the Finney County Historical Society

The Finney County Historical Museum has put together a little quiz to test your knowledge of Christmas past in Finney County. Can you pass the test of Christmas past? Answers will be provided in Thursay’s Christmas paper.

1. What is the first year that anyone celebrated Christmas in Garden City?

2. Whose huge lighted Christmas tree drew an annual steam of traffic as observers drove by each December to see it in the mid-20th Century?

3. What unfortunate event closely followed the Christmas of 1885 in and around Garden City?

4. What well-known Garden City gentleman took on the persona of Santa Claus each year, as far back as the 1940s, delighting an untold number of boys and girls during the holidays?

5. What iconic figures were once displayed on top of the Dillons supermarket each Christmas on Main Street, where Weber Refrigeration is located today?

6. What annual outdoor holiday pageant has taken place each year in Garden City for a half century or more?

7. While Garden City founding father Charles Jesse “Buffalo” Jones never attempted to raise reindeer, he is believed to have experimented with domesticating a distant relative of that animal. What creature was it?

8. Like their countrymen elsewhere across the nation, German immigrants brought what Old World holiday tradition with them when they arrived in Finney County?

9. What holiday ornament was displayed on top of the Garden City post office during the 1940s, where High Plains Public Radio is housed today?

10. Rather than red, what was the color of the coat worn by a moving mechanical Santa Claus in the window of the Vogue Shop for many years on Garden City’s Main Street each Christmas season?

11. Garden City’s Tuba Christmas concert is part of a network of similar events taking place in communities across the nation. When and where did the first such concert take place?

12. What innovative kind of vehicle conveyed Santa Claus to a public celebration for Garden City’s children in 1955?

13. What wintertime activity took place at Garden City’s Big Pool each year until it was discontinued?

14. What sort of holiday decorations hung above Garden City’s Main Street intersections throughout the 1950s and 1960s?

15. What was the first year that silver-colored aluminum Christmas trees were used in Southwest Kansas and across the nation?

16. What was displayed each holiday season for many years at Garden City’s former high school, now the site of Horace Good Middle School?