For the third time within a month, Kermit Gosnell's horrific crimes have been noted not in the news section of The Telegram but on the editorial page. I fully believe that Gosnell's murder trial was the most significant in my lifetime and I would think even a pro-abortion newspaper could see the relevance of that trial.

The latest entry shows a lady reading a newspaper with the headline Philly Abortion Doctor Guilty. And also headlined in that newspaper (obviously not The Telegram) is IRS Targeted Right-Wing Groups. You would think the IRS would be concerned with "doctors" who do their exterminations for cash money and probably are not reporting all of their income.

On Monday, May 6, The Telegram had an on-target editorial commentary by Rich Lowry, "Defending a most shameful right."

Lowry noted: "The trial of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell has been an exercise in stripping away euphemism ... His case is so discomfiting for liberals not only because it is such a stark picture of the seamy, money-grubbing side of abortion, but because it illustrates how slight the difference is between late-term abortion or late-term 'health' and what nearly everyone recognizes as a crime."

It is my hope that The Telegram will redeem itself and report on what is happening in Texas with another alleged baby killer.

Extending the made-up right to privacy has led to states not monitoring abortion clinics and protecting those guilty of grisly crimes that have no place in this nation.

Our God, who is the author of life, admonished us, "Choose Life." This nation would do well to pay attention to that directive.

I do thank The Telegram for at least occasionally printing pro-life views.


Garden City