It's important for drivers who have celebrated many birthdays to be aware of any physical limitations that might affect driving skills.

Older drivers have a lifetime of on-the-road experience, yet, it's smart to ask yourself from time to time whether you're still practicing safe driving habits and what you might do to improve your driving skills.

This quiz can help you think about your driving skills and limits. Take this test, and then read the suggestions below about what you can do to improve your safe driving.

1) Do you have trouble reading street signs or markings?

2) Has a friend or family member expressed concern about your driving?

3) Has your doctor advised you to limit driving for health reasons?

4) Have you been pulled over by a police officer and warned about poor driving habits?

5) Have you been stopped by the police or had crashes or near misses in the last three years?

6) Do you sometimes get lost on familiar routes?

7) Do your thoughts wander when you drive? Do you become confused or angry?

8) Do other drivers honk at you frequently?

9) Do cars or pedestrians seem to appear out of nowhere?

10) Do you have trouble looking over your shoulder or moving your foot between the gas and brake pedals?

The good news: According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration the rate of crashes involving older drivers has declined in recent years. This is due to better health, better roads and safer cars. And seniors have fewer injuries than in the past.

Next week this column will cover some suggestions for senior drivers from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and AARP.

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