More nonsense from Huelskamp

Tim Huelskamp, in his latest outrage, tried to attach an amendment to some bill he didn't identify. In an email to my wife, he has asked his constituency whether or not we would like to see Obamacare defunded. This is his exact question:

"House Republican Leadership decided to prevent a vote on my amendment to defund ObamaCare. So instead, I ask you to vote: should Congress defund ObamaCare?"

My answer is a resounding "no."

Recently, he voted against the "Violence Against Women Act." For crying out loud, what is with this guy? Not only does it seem like he doesn't care about our health, but it appears as though he wants open hunting season on women.

Thanks be to God for the Republican leadership for preventing this vote. At least we know someone up there has more than hot air running around in the upper bowels of their cranium.

My question to the people of the First District is: are you paying attention?

By the way, the Violence Against Women Act passed with strong support from the more sensible Republicans.


Garden City

Apartment plan makes no sense

Housing is at a premium here in Garden City. But at what price should we address this issue? The latest in GC giveaways is the American Legion building on Pine Street. Garden City has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars developing comprehensive plans, zoning regulations and ordinances to make this a great place to live. Now the commission is dead set to go against all of these.

First of all, the proposal from CCS properties, which is public record, lists several contingencies: iv) the city provides new water lines and sewer line if needed; v) the building is structurally sound; vi) sale of the building for $1,000. How much is this going to cost us as taxpayers in the long run, not to mention setting the direction to make downtown a mass of apartments?

Downtown Vision has spoken against this, Garden City Planning Commission has "recommended" not to approve the zoning modification. Yet Mr. Crase and Mr. Fankhauser continue to push for this to happen. Why? I believe it has already been before Garden City Commission at least twice and was defeated 3-2, yet Mr. Crase and Mr. Fankhauser continue to push.

Why are Mr. Crase and Mr. Fankhauser so anxious to take taxpayers' money to aid them and give this property away? It would be a pretty good deal for any citizen to be able to buy a downtown building for $1,000 and have the city upgrade utilities and structure at the taxpayers' expense. Any takers? Maybe if we offered the city $2,000 they might make a deal.


Garden City

Sensible take on old Legion

It appears to me that the only people using common sense at the City Commission meeting March 5 were Crase, Fankhauser and the Gaminos on the use of the old American Legion building at 125 Pine St.


Garden City

Law deserves voter support

Chris Law gets my vote for his commitment to help foster and create a positive business environment, provide necessary leadership and continue his service to our city.

We have the duty and right to be involved in the election process. Chris was elected two years ago and has earned my vote on April 2. The City Commission must be responsive to the community and provide the improvement of our town through the use of good government. I think Chris is doing a good job on both of these critical issues.

I urge you to vote for Chris Law, City Commission.



Garden City

Help make our city beautiful

Several months ago, a lady wrote in to the Garden City newspaper something about making Garden City beautiful. I agree with her. There is a quotation that says "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" so let's all think "what can I do to make our city a beautiful garden" from cleaning up the property to planting, flowers, trees, and yummy fruits and vegetables.


Garden City