Tea party force disgraces state

The Conservative Kansas Tea Party must be so proud of their representatives' "accomplishments" this last year. Our U.S. House member was "fired" from his two committees because of his arrogance and oversized ego. But it didn't really matter since Rep. Tim Huelskamp has done nothing in helping southwest Kansans in the two years in the House. He won't support keeping the wind tax credit which has helped this area with jobs, clean energy and a chance for landowners to have increased revenue. He was willing to allow taxes to go up on all Kansans just because he didn't want his big campaign fundraiser Koch brothers' taxes to go up and he was in the middle of a push not to allow the vote to give the Hurricane Sandy victims much needed aid.

Mr. Huelskamp talks a good game, but the problem is his talking points are lies. He says that raising taxes on the rich will cost jobs. False, the CBO and nearly all leading economists agree raising the top 2 percent taxes will have no effect. He says his No. 1 priority is deficit cutting. Yet, in two years how many bills has Mr. Huelskamp introduced to cut spending, nine, five, two? Try zero. The only bills he has introduced in two years deal with removing duties on footwear and chemicals. He has done nothing else but talked on TV news shows and raised thousands of dollars in campaign contributions.

In the upcoming months you will hear the third great lie from this man about the need to cut entitlement programs. If he would just say the truth that he wants to privatize Social Security and put Medicare on a voucher system. Both of these proposals would be detrimental to middle- and lower-class individuals, but he doesn't care about that.

Fixing both programs would be easy and make both programs financially solvent forever. Raise the ceiling on Social Security from $110,000 to $175,000 and make Medicare accessible to anyone who wants into the insurance program and pay the premiums. But this would never happen as long as the tea party can hold the rest of Americans hostage.

One last highlight of the Kansas Tea Party was done by our Kansas senators who refused to vote for a U.N. treaty which was a nonbinding resolution to demand other nations of the world to follow the U.S. and other nations dealing with the disabled. This simple non-cost treaty was being pushed by our former Sen. Bob Dole and in front of Mr. Dole and other disabled veterans and others our two tea party senators slapped him in the face by voting no on the treaty.

Kansas representation is a disgrace to the rest of the U.S. and unless the moderate Republicans can get their party back under control and the people of Kansas realize that they are holding this state and country back, we will continue to be a disgrace.