Voters spoke in primary race

As I drive around town, I am somewhat humored by the signs I see asking for a write-in vote for county attorney.

I am humored in that it reminds me of a school kid playing baseball on the playground. He gets strike three and immediately cries "do over." I didn't get to hit the ball in three strikes and I want a fourth strike. In golf I think it is called a mulligan.

Now I know it is our right as voters to write in another candidate if they are not on the ballot. I just see this is a cry or a do over. I didn't get my way the first time so I want a do over.

I did not have any preferences either way in the primary election, but to me, the voters spoke. I truly believe that change is good from time to time. In my opinion, too often we get stuck with the same old prejudices, perspectives and self-serving attitudes. And just because someone has worked in the county attorney's office is not sufficient reason to me to put them in that office. A new change may well be good. If it doesn't work, there is always the opportunity to elect someone different at the next election.


Garden City

Missed coverage on youth sports

Just curious about why you never write about the junior high school sports events. Our Horace J. Good Middle School seventh-graders just finished last night (Oct. 11) with a perfect season and beat the Kenneth Henderson Falcons 39-0 and nothing in the newspaper? All year long and nothing at all, this is sad that it's all about the high school and college and the same students' pictures all the time? Yes, these athletes are good, but let others shine also that deserve it.


Garden City