Disappointing take on Republican Party

Mr. Dailey's letter to the editor Sept. 27 was sandwiched between two very well-written remembrances of special people. His letter was certainly not comparable in content or sentiment.

Until last night I had neither heard nor read a Kansan speak in the ridiculous dialect Mr. Dailey chose to complain about "a squinty-eyed governor" and "flying monkeys."

After labeling President George W. Bush "stupid," Mr. Dailey still refers to the GOP as "our party." Sorry, Mr. Dailey, I don't believe you are a part of this party. Obviously, you may vote for whomever you please.

The last phrase in his letter is "Good Christians all." I don't know if Mr. Dailey is claiming to be a good Christian or if he thinks members of the GOP see themselves as good Christians. The truth is Christianity is not part of being a member of any political party.

The Telegram's headline on this story "Disappointing path for GOP" is a reflection of The Telegram's bias and not a reflection of this letter at all.

I look forward to reading some positive, thoughtful letters in the future.


Garden City