Richmeier shines with integrity

I have been a long-standing member of the Garden City community and have had the pleasure of being friends with Susan Richmeier and her family. The fact that she is running for Finney County Attorney does not surprise me at all considering that she has a tenacious appetite to improve what most people settle for as "Status Quo." This can be seen in everything that she has done and accomplished. She not only went to college at Oklahoma State University and earned her degree in elementary education, but she went on to get her law degree from Oklahoma University and even went a step further and received a master's in educational administration from Fort Hays State.

She grew up in Garden City and has been an active member in the community for more than 17 years, giving her time not only to teaching young children, but also coaching dance at Garden City High School and later opening up her law practice where she has grown her practice into what was awarded the Kansas Minority Business Owner of the Year. She has always shown good character and integrity, something that can't always be said in the profession she is in.

I am very happy to see that she is running for County Attorney and can't think of a better person for the job. She has the drive, the determination and the willingness to make the tough decisions that only a person from outside of the existing office can make. Sometimes we have to look outside the box in order to accomplish great things. I am voting for Susan Richmeier for County Attorney and I put it to you to do the same.



Garden City

Cast votes for Powell, Hayzlett

Aug. 7 is an opportunity for you to vote. Untold thousands of men and women have died fighting to preserve this freedom for us. Don't dishonor them by taking this privilege lightly or ignoring it. If we want our nation to remain a great nation, we must vote for responsible leadership at all levels of government. We need leadership that is representative of the people and who recognize that they are elected to serve, not elected to be served.

If you want a state senator who is truly interested in the plight of the people of western Kansas and who is for lowering taxes, less government red-tape and regulations, reducing wasteful government spending, and proactive in protecting farming and the rural way of life, then vote for Larry Powell. He is a true conservative who is supportive of our local schools, against Obamacare and 100 percent pro-life. He is truly one of us. His years of service in the Kansas House of Representatives has shown that he is very capable of representing the people of this area and he will do the same as a senator of this great district.

Randy Hayzlett is a true conservative who is seeking election to the Kansas House of Representatives. He is familiar with the grassroots needs and concerns of the people of western Kansas and is dedicated to promoting and defending those needs and concerns in the legislature. We would encourage all to vote on Aug. 7 and to vote for Larry Powell and Randy Hayzlett.



Monster trucks fail to deliver

First I want to say that I am not a "boat-rocker," I'm a go-with-the-flow type of person until something negative happens that I feel is "wrong" and then I speak up. Friday night, I took my hubby to the monster truck show as part of my wedding anniversary gift to him. We have been to at least three previous M.T. shows here in the past, and my husband and I have always enjoyed the show. This year, the show was a total rip-off, a real let-down. There were only four monster trucks in the show, which didn't do a lot of anything. If it hadn't been for the regular people and their trucks and cars holding up the show, there wouldn't have been any entertainment at all. At one point, once the show had just begun, I went up and asked someone who we go see to get a refund because we were that disappointed right off the bat, and that person only said, "I'm only the announcer." Don't people care anymore about the quality of entertainment they are having people pay for?


Garden City

Missed coverage on baseball game

My husband Dave and I were a host family for four Ottawa and two Spring River boys playing baseball this past weekend (Friday, July 20, through Tuesday, July 24). We enjoyed every bit of housing, transporting and watching them play. I'm very disappointed in The Telegram for at least not covering the final game. Our Spring River boys took second place with first place going to Cimarron River Rattlers from nearby Liberal. Cimarron River won by playing hard all the way through the losers bracket.

Isn't this a newsworthy story? You dropped the ball. Come on. Play ball.


Garden City

Richmeier offers fresh perspective

Susan Richmeier would make an excellent County Attorney, and I am throwing my support behind her 100 percent. I have known Susan since she was in high school, and she is one of the most intelligent people I know. She takes great pride in her job as a lawyer, and I know she will carry that pride into being the best county attorney we could have. Her integrity is above reproach, as is her honesty. So I take pride in casting my vote her way and would encourage all to do the same. Let's get a new perspective from Susan Richmeier as our new county attorney.


Garden City

Pick Hicks for county attorney

If you didn't see how underqualified Susan Richmeier is in Bob Law's views, then open your Yellow Book and ask yourself since when did the county attorney handle collection, divorce and family law? And thanks to the man that works for the city who told me at Westlake that Tamara has worked at the county attorney's office for decades. Hicks has got my vote.


Garden City

Hicks' efforts most outstanding

Tamara Hicks has worked as an attorney for the Finney County Attorney's Office for 20 years plus. She has prosecuted some 60 jury trials with an above average conviction rate. Within the last few months she prosecuted three major child abuse cases: 1) Lorenzo West, convicted of raping his stepdaughter from age 9 through age 15, because of Tamara he is now in prison; 2 and 3) Ismael Castro and Josefina Palma, convicted of abusing three of their children, some of the abuse where the children's hands were being held on a hot grill. Both father and mother were charged with aggravated battery and child abuse because of Tamara.

Tamara has years of community service in which she has given her time and energy voluntarily to help us here in Finney County and the surrounding community. Tamara has been a member of the Finney County Sexual Assault Response Team for three years and for the last year is now serving as president of SART. SART is a multidisciplinary interagency team of individuals working collaboratively to provide services for the community by offering specialized sexual assault intervention services. It promotes ongoing dialogue and information sharing among community and professional organizations/agencies that respond to sexual violence (

Tamara has been a member of the Finney County Community Corrections Board for five years. Their mission is to enhance public safety and enforce offender accountability through cost-effective use of community-based supervision and control interventions. They have a wide range of correctional sanctions and community services necessary to promote public safety and the successful supervision of adult offenders assigned to this agency by the Court (

Tamara has been a member of the Finney County Multi-Disciplinary Team for 10 years. Multidisciplinary teams are groups of professionals from diverse disciplines who come together to provide comprehensive assessment and consultation in abuse and neglect. They can promote coordination between agencies; provide a "checks and balances" mechanism to ensure that the interests and rights of all concerned parties are addressed; and identify service gaps and breakdowns in coordination or communication between agencies or individuals. They also enhance the professional skills and knowledge of individual team members by providing a forum for learning more about the strategies, resources and approaches used by various disciplines.

Tamara has given much to this community and she deserves to be promoted to Finney County Attorney. She works well with all of the other 16 employees in the office, and she works well with all different law enforcement agencies. Her résumé is above and beyond the other two candidates. It looks to me if the other two candidates really wanted this position as County Attorney they would have already been serving their community as Tamara has instead of promising it for the future. Tamara is a leader, a motivator and a tremendous asset to our community. Vote Tamara Hicks Tuesday.


Garden City