Support Morris, Doll, Jennings

On Aug. 7 the citizens of Finney County will select a state senator and two state representatives as the primary election winners will be unopposed in November. It is important for voters to understand the basic issues of the election and to become familiar with the candidates. This primary election is our opportunity to be sure that Finney County's voice in the state legislature will be represented by the reasonable and open-minded philosophies of moderate Republicans. I encourage Finney County voters to select candidates who will be accountable and responsive to our interests, rather than those candidates who participate in less transparent methods of campaigning (witness a recent inaccurate mailing attempting to link Sen. Morris to Obamacare and the behind-the-scenes efforts to have people vote for a candidate who has withdrawn from the race so that a Topeka-controlled process can select our state representative). Learn about the reasonable views and local government experience of Sen. Steve Morris and state representative candidates Russ Jennings and John Doll and vote for them on Aug. 7 so that Finney County will have a real voice in Topeka.


Garden City