This is just a reminder to the public that The Friends of the

Library is having its annual Beef Empire Days book sale, which runs

through June 10. The sale is being held in the meeting rooms at the

Finney County Public Library. During the sale all books in the Friends

Bookstore will be moved to the meeting rooms as part of the larger

sale. Once the sale is completed, the Bookstore will be restocked with

a new supply of used books, all in good condition.

During the latter part of the fourth quarter, 2011, proceeds from

the Bookstore amounted to $689.70. The first quarter of 2012 brought in

an additional $661. The Bookstore should provide the library with

consistent funding from the Friends throughout each fiscal year. Books

in the store are priced at $2 for hardcover and $1 for paperbacks. The

plan is to refresh the offerings in the Bookstore at least twice a year

so that patrons aren't seeing the same books on the shelves. This will

be in addition to regular daily and weekly restocking book by book.

During the Beef Empire Days sale, hardcover books will sell for $1 and

paperbacks for 50 cents.

Most proceeds from the Bookstore go directly to the library to help

fund its many projects. The only exception is the 10 percent of book

sales that is allocated to the Western Kansas Community Foundation. The

Kansas Room renovation is one of the next major projects for the

library. This will involve a new conference table and chairs, which the

Friends of the Library has agreed to purchase for approximately $2,400,

a reading area complete with an electric fireplace, computer stations

and shelving updates for the room. Total cost of the renovation has

been estimated at $9,150. The Friends of the Library will undoubtedly

be a major financial contributor to the project.

The public is encouraged to support the book sales and the Friends

Bookstore and to become involved with the library as patrons and

members of the Friends of the Library. We always need more help.


Garden City

Harsha is president of Friends of the Library.